Tasks, for yourself or your colleagues

See all tasks you and your colleagues are responsible for on one screen. Each task belongs to a project and is assigned an owner and (optional) deadline. Don’t let anything slip away and enjoy checking off your completed tasks every day!

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1 owner

Every task has one person in charge, so there are no misunderstandings about who should do what.


Involve your colleagues in carrying out a task. Discussions remain open until someone rounds them off.


Avoid searching for files.
Soon: link with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Task lists

Use templates for smart task lists that make the task owner and deadline depend on who uses the template when and where.

Recurring tasks

Tick off a task daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly? Set once, never forget.


Set a reminder for a task so that a task owner is reminded of the task at the desired day and time.

Own statuses

In addition to the standard statuses (not started, busy, …) you can also create additional statuses for your own workflow.


Husky is integrated with Toggl and Clockify so you can easily register your worked time.