Shared notes

Every project has a place where you can store your notes: meeting reports, communication texts, inspiration… You don’t have to set up a seperate Word document. Write everything down in an online document, which everyone can consult and edit.

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Central project data

What you and your colleagues can not forget about a project, you place in the project notes.

Images, links and tables

Enrich your notes with easy-to-use formatting tools. Like in Word, but in your browser.

Meeting reports

Handy to prepare or follow up a meeting about a project. Do not let anything get lost in your mailbox.

Export to PDF

One or all project notes in a PDF? Click and done. Handy for an archive or to share with external people.


With notes you easily start online discussions, always in the right context.


Files that belong to your project? You collect them in Notes.
Soon: integration with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive

Husky integrates with your favorite tools

Make your work easier and collaborate on all your marketing data thanks to our API. With Zapier you can already connect with +1500 apps.

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