Marketing strategy always nearby

Determine a specific approach for each project and discuss it with colleagues and external partners. The user-friendly text editor helps you structure your ideas and, if you can’t put it into words, you can always enrich your project strategy with links, images, graphs and attachments.

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Always up-to-date

No discussion about which version of a document. Husky always shows you the latest and therefore correct version.

Own structure

Decide for yourself how you divide your marketing strategy into sections and topics.

Procedures and workflows

Use Strategy also for drawing up procedures and workflows. Available for the entire team.

Export to PDF

Strategy written and ready to share this with external people, or do you want to keep a version? Export!

Discussions and files

Enrich your topics with files and deepen them by starting online discussions.

Integrated with tasks

Extend or supplement subjects even further? Give yourself or your colleagues tasks and follow the status.

Husky integrates with your favorite tools

Make your work easier and collaborate on all your marketing data thanks to our API. With Zapier you can already connect with +1500 apps.

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