Marketing budget? Got that covered!

Assign a clear-cut budget to each project and get an overview of you entire marketing budget. But Husky does more than just that: it lets you assign incoming invoices from marketing suppliers to a project and always keep a close eye on your budget.

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Expected costs

How do you get to the project budget? How big are the separate costs and what have you already promised?


Follow on how your marketing budget lags away and check whether you invoice suppliers according to your quotation.


Uploading digital invoices is possible, but not necessary. Often, an internal code for accounting is sufficient.

Not for project members

Budget is not visible to external parties, so that you can work together with freelancers and partners without problems.

Fiscal years

Easily get back to previous years. By the way, a fiscal year does not have to start in January.

Export to Excel

For further calculations and reporting you export the data to Excel. CFO = (happy * 2)

Husky integrates with your favorite tools

Make your work easier and collaborate on all your marketing data thanks to our API. With Zapier you can already connect with +1500 apps.

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