Husky is the alternative to generic project management tools and marketing planning in Excel. It provides a unique timeline for the complete marketing planning of all actions, campaigns and marketers within the team. Husky is also an integrated marketing planner: you can attach tasks, budget, results, notes, files and discussions to the marketing planning.


Husky offers a complete overview of all actions and campaigns in convenient timelines. Do you want to filter on specific campaigns, channels or marketers? Want to tag brands or suppliers as a function of reporting? Enriching the planning with alerts or detailed information? Husky combines the ease of use of Excel with the power of a digital application.

In the Planning module you bring all planning data together in one central overview and you can filter to see partial planning.

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In Husky you can manage your marketing tasks in handy checklists and in a calendar overview. Focusing on your own tasks within a certain period of time? Use task templates for recurring actions or campaigns? Filter tasks or enrich tasks with data? Husky zooms in and zooms out so you can work super efficiently.

In the Tasks module you manage your marketing tasks, integrated in the general marketing planning and linked to your Outlook or Google calendar.

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Husky offers the possibility to allocate budgets to any level of planning, but also to make the progress of the budget clear. Allocate and follow up a complete marketing plan budget? Compare the budget of a project or campaign over time? Filter on invoices, costs or budgets? Husky keeps its finger on the pulse of budgets and costs incurred at any time of the year.

In the Budget module you assign budgets, plan the expected costs and assign the incurred costs (invoices) to the right item in the planning.

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Husky offers the possibility to visualize the results of your actions or campaigns in the planning. Quickly and manually set up a KPI dashboard, visually enriched with charts?  An Excel file with results attached to the schedule? Embed an external KPI dashboard (e.g. Google Data Studio) in the planning? In Husky, the schedule and the results are just a mouse click away.

In the Results module, you can manually set up a KPI dashboard or quickly and easily integrate an external dashboard with marketing KPIs.

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Husky offers the possibility to attach notes, short info or briefings to any possible item in the planning. Working together on a campaign briefing in the project itself? Share ideas for marketing campaigns with colleagues, sorted by project? Enriching the planning with strategic notes or detailed information? Husky makes separate and inefficient Powerpoints, Word-files, Excel overviews and emails with notes and briefings completely unnecessary.

In the Notes module you write briefings, strategic notes or important planning information and share them with your colleagues or externals.

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In Husky you link one or more files to the right action or campaign moment in the planning. Want to attach an image to a social post or e-newsletter moment? Link an item in the schedule to a file on the server? Correct and approve a file with colleagues and/or external parties? Husky always points the way to the right file from the planning.

In the Files module you can upload images or files, you can link to an external location where the file is located and you can approve documents together via online proofing.

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In Husky you can quickly and easily comment on an item from the planning, to one specific colleague or to a group of colleagues. Want to ask a question about a specific moment in the planning? Launch a discussion about an allocated budget or a campaign briefing? Comment on a file in function of an approval? Husky keeps the discussions and comments in the schedule and avoids sending loose and inefficient emails.

In the Discussions module you comment, launch a discussion or ask a question about a specific item or file in the schedule.

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