Release note 2021.11.11 - Microsoft OneDrive

Integration with Microsoft OneDrive

When adding files to planning items (such as moments), you now have 2 options:

  • upload a file (places the file on Husky's server)
  • place a link to a file on OneDrive (in Husky only the link is shown, not the file)

The integration with OneDrive offers advantages:

  • you will always see the latest version in Husky (a change in the document will not affect the link in Husky)
  • there is no storage limit for uploading files anymore (the file is not on the Husky server)
  • the file structure in Husky is the same as on OneDrive

In combination with the 'Discussions' function, marketers can now post comments on files, e.g. to discuss version control. Several statuses can be used for this, e.g. 'In review' when the document is not yet approved.

By clicking on the name of the document or on the link icon, the file opens in a OneDrive environment.

Latest update:17 January 2024