Release note 2021.02.16

In this release we are launching a new and much requested feature: the trash can. Every possible data deleted in Husky can be restored from now on.

Delete without stress 

Plans, Projects, Channels, Moments, Tasks, ... can now be deleted without permanently disappearing. Previously, we often had stressed users at support who had mistakenly deleted a data item in the marketing planner. They could not restore it, unless we could recover it from the backup server. Today, you may stresslessly delete a data item in Husky. Do you want to put them back? Then click on the trash icon in the upper right next to your profile settings.

After clicking, you will end up in the trash can where all deleted items are listed, the most recently deleted at the top of the list. Here we offer 2 options: restore or remove permanently. Did you choose to restore? Then the data item is immediately back at its former place in the planning.

What is the difference with archiving?

Please note that in Husky you can also archive plans and projects. They are then stored in the archive so that they can be consulted or copied later. Think for example of a recurring event. This feature will remain and we will expand it in the future. Think for example of archiving channels, also a frequently requested product update. So: use archive to ... archive and the trash can to permanently delete.

For account-level users only

The trash can function is available to any user added to the account who has all account permissions. If you are a project employee (only access to one or more projects) or a plan employee (only access to one or more plans), you will not see this trash can function. However, you can have data items restored by a colleague with full account rights or by your account administrator.

Watch the demo video

Latest update:17 January 2024