Release note 2020.12.19

In this release we have made a major change to the navigation structure. Users found it confusing that navigation items such as 'Planning', 'Tasks' or 'Budget' appeared in 2 different navigation bars in the application: in a horizontal main navigation on account level and in a vertical subnavigation on plan level. In this release we bring everything to a horizontal navigation structure. In addition, we have removed unnecessary screens and moved or renamed navigation items in order to provide a better user experience.

New horizontal main navigation

From now on, the horizontal main navigation is central to the control of the application. From left to right it is responsible for the following:

  • switching between account level (show data of all plans) and plan level (show data of one plan) - the former PLANS screen has disappeared and has been replaced by this dropdown function - switching between different plans is now much faster and easier than before - the account can be recognized by the name 'ACCOUNT' above the name. 
  • create a new plan and access the archived plans is available at the bottom of the dropdown
  • the gear with the plan settings has remained the same, but the tag manager has been moved to the account settings in the upper right corner of the horizontal navigation - tags are valid across all plans, so at account level
  • on account level, PLANNING, TAKING and BUDGET is visible across all plans, on plan level, PROJECTS, PLANNING, TAKING, BUDGET, RESULTS and NOTES are available - switching between plan level and account level (all plans together) is now much faster and easier than before
  • the search function remains available at plan level, in a next release we will also make the search function available at account level
  • via the plus symbol you can quickly create a task, a moment, a project and add an invoice
  • the module TIMESHEETS (optional module) has disappeared as a word from the main navigation and has been replaced by a clock with 3 functions: create a time registration, show all time registrations and show the timesheet dashboard - it used to take 2 to 3 clicks, now this is done in one click.
  • the notifications have remained in the same place but we have placed a more extensive filter so that you can now see for example only the discussions
  • the settings on the top right have been redrawn and divided into personal settings and account settings - in the personal settings nothing has changed, in the account settings tags, templates and activity log have been added - at the bottom of the dropdown are (just like before) the link to the help center and the logout function

These functions have been moved 

  • LEFT ARROW NAVIGATION in a plan is divided into horizontal main navigation (Projects, Planning, Tasks, Budget, Results & Notes), into account settings at the top right of the horizontal main navigation (Templates).
  • TAGS have been moved from the plan settings to the account settings in the upper right corner of the main horizontal navigation.
  • TIMESHEETS (optional module) is moved to the clock in the upper right corner of the main horizontal navigation.
  • STRATEGY has been moved to the "NOTITIONS" tab in the main horizontal navigation.
  • TEMPLATES has been moved to the account settings in the upper right corner of the main horizontal navigation.
  • EXPORT to PDF in the planning has been moved down a bit and is now part of the other planning navigation items

These functions have disappeared

  • the PLANNING screen at account level - the plan overview now appears under the dropdown to the right of the Husky logo
  • the DASHBOARDS screen at plan level - we were not happy with the current plan dashboard and are considering a complete redesign of the dashboard.
  • Timesheets (optional module) are no longer available on plan level, only on account level.


Latest update:17 January 2024