Release note 2020.09.30

Readable moments in the 5-week calendar

It was undoubtedly the most desired new feature among Husky users: readable moments in the multi-week calendar. Today we did a new update of the calendar in which the moment-info becomes readable both in the week calendar and in the 5-week calendar.

Show/Hide filter has been extended and is at the top of the navigation.

Until now, the function 'Show/Hide empty channels' was displayed at the top of the navigation. Here we have placed a new function 'Show/Hide empty channels' that allows multiple choices: show/hide empty channels, moment info, moment tags, no tasks, all tasks and my tasks.

Better visualisation of plans and project groups

Users with multiple plans used to have a difficult visualisation of the calendar because the plan name and the name of the project group was placed after the project name. We solved this by separating the plan and the project group from the planning and placing them at the top of the planning information.

Latest update:17 January 2024