Release note 2020.09.09

In order to filter the planning only an OF filter was available in Husky until now. From now on an AND filter is also available. Do you want all the moments that AND have the tag 'Campaigns' AND are in the Online advertising channel AND for which colleague Carine is responsible? That is possible from now on!

From now on it is possible to use a date range for an export to PDF. Do you want to export the planning for August 2020 within plan A? Would you like to export the planning for quarter 2 for all plans? Enter the start and end dates ... and press 'Export to PDF'.

When filtering the planning, all tags that were ever used in the planning were shown. This caused an overload of tags in the filter view. From now on we will only show the tags that are active in the tag manager. We apply the same principle to the users shown in the filter. Is the user no longer part of the team? Then they are no longer shown in the filter.

Latest update:17 January 2024