Product update 2022.08.17

@-sign in discussions

In several places in Husky you can start a discussion and have it with one or more colleagues. Until recently, the nickname (@NAME) of the administrator of the planning item was entered by default in the discussion field. This person was always included in the discussion by default. In practice, this often led to confusion and over-communication when colleagues wanted to have a discussion in which the administrator of the planning item was not involved.

We have now remedied this by no longer defaulting to @NAME (the administrator) of the moment in the discussion window. The new rule is as follows:

  • if you want to start a discussion, use the @-sign to choose the person(s) you want to have a discussion with
  • Only they receive a notification of the discussion
  • The administrator of the planning item does not receive a notification if he or she is not involved in the discussion.
  • Any replies to the discussion will still involve the original colleagues.
  • If you want to involve a new colleague in a discussion, you have to start a new discussion.




Latest update:17 January 2024