Release note 2019.03.29

Duplicating moments

Suppose you want to schedule a weekly social media post on a certain theme. Or you can send out a monthly newsletter. Until recently, you had to create those moments one by one. It was quick, but it had to be done faster.

Now you can duplicate an existing moment. Open the sidebar of the moment, click on the three dots and choose 'duplicate moment'. You choose the frequency and the number of times it has to be copied. Choose from daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.

After that, the moment will be copied x number of times, in the same channel.

What information is also copied?

  • Title
  • Date according to selected frequency
  • Description
  • Administrator
  • Participants
  • Extra context (in which channel should it still be shown?)

After duplicating the moment, you can change each moment individually. Give it a different title and/or description, set it to a different date once, remove one from the frequency, ...

Because you can also move a moment from one channel to another, you can also use this technique to copy a moment to another channel. You duplicate it once and then move it to the other channel.

Emoji ⚠️

We regularly received requests from customers for the possibility of using emoji in discussions, titles and descriptions. In social media updates they are eagerly used and from now on they can also be used in Husky.

The emoji are now possible everywhere. So also in project titles, names of channels and costs, also with Tags. This allows you to make your Husky environment a bit more pleasant/organised*. *Delete what doesn't fit. 

Looking for a website where you can find all the emoji, and you can easily copy the sign?
We use this one:

More statuses

Here, too, the rule is: you ask, we turn. It was already possible to use extra statuses and colours for projects, tasks and moments. We have limited the number of fixed statuses to 3: not started, busy and finished. In addition, the number of own statuses has also been increased to 10.

Archiving tags

In the past, you have used tags that you no longer want to make available to those who work in Husky. You can now archive a tag in the Tag manager. They are still available for filtering purposes, but you can no longer attach the tag to a project, channel, time or cost.

Week numbers

Week numbers are now added to all calendars.

Notification for participants

If you are added to a channel or moment as a participant, you will receive a notification about this. If you only want to receive this notification in the app and no longer via e-mail, you can change your e-mail settings in the top right-hand corner of your profile.

Latest update:29 November 2023