Release note 2019.03.14

Improved tasks overview

The task overview has been updated. The filter options that were already known in Projects, Communication and Budget are now also applied for Tasks. This means that you can choose multiple responsibilities, project groups, statuses and priorities, in combination with a date range. For example, show all tasks of colleagues X and Y that are over time. Or show all tasks within the Events project group that have the status 'To be discussed'.

You can also indicate that you only want to see tasks that you have created. Do this in combination with a name of a colleague to follow up which tasks he/she still has to complete for you. 

The most important improvement is the addition/expansion of the Context column. This way you immediately see where the task is attached to. If you have to prepare a newsletter, you will see when it is scheduled. Or if you have tasks with the same name, but in a different context, you can see this immediately.

If you click on sorting by Context, it follows the logic of your project structure: first your communication, then your budget, results and notations. The order of your channels is maintained and within each channel you get the moments presented chronologically.

We also made sure that the name of the task is now fully readable and that the icons for Description, Discussions and Files are always visible.

For Priority we only shown if a task has a high or a low priority. The medium priority is hidden.

Changing the status to Finished has the same outcome as ticking off the checkbox. It ends up in the Completed tasks. 

Tasks across all plans

In the past, it was possible to see all your tasks across all plans. Now it is possible to see all tasks of colleagues across all plans. The layout is similar to the other Task overviews.

Use the filter once to filter on your tasks, and Husky will remember it for next time.

Order Communication - Tasks

In navigation, Tasks used to stand before Communication. That order has now been changed and follows the logic of many marketing teams. You first establish the project structure and then attach your tasks to it.

Latest update:17 January 2024