Release note 2019.02.14

Task in the right context

Every task is linked to something: a project, a channel, a moment, a cost, a KPI or a note. We call it the context.

From now on it's be possible to decide where exactly you want to link a task wherever you create it. In the past, you first had to go to that context and create the task there in the sidebar. If you have a lot of tasks to create, then that remains the quickest way.

If it is clear which project the task should belong to, the different parts are shown - when in use:

  • Communication
  • Budget
  • Results
  • Notes

In Communication you first see the Channels. If there are already Moments in those Channels, you can reach them by clicking on the arrow at the end of the row.

It is also now possible to move an existing task to another context. Click on the task so that the sidebar appears. In the upper right corner you have 3 dots that allow you to move or delete the task.

Create project groups first

Before creating your first project, you can now also create project groups first. Then your new project is immediately in the right group.

Notifications for channels and moments

If you are assigned a channel or moment as responsible, you will be notified of this both in the application and via e-mail. You can disable these notifications by e-mail in the Email preferences section of My profile (to be reached under your name in the upper right corner).

Finally some bug fixes (for project report as PDF) and style improvements. The German language version has also been optimized.

Next: new view on the task overview (so that the context is immediately clear), and duplicating moments

Latest update:17 January 2024