Release note 2018.12.15

You've been asking for it. We deliver.
The weekly communication calendar is now more similar to the 4 weeks and year calendar. You see all channels on the left and all dates to the right. On big screens this results in relatively more displayed moments, and you get the insight that some channels might not have moments in that week. Below is a 'before and after'.

All features in the other views are also available. A quick refresh.

Do you want to hide channels without moments? Click on filters and adjust the view customization.
Other view customization options:

  • show all due dates of tasks, only your tasks or no tasks at all
  • show/hide tags
  • collapse all projects (only available in the Communication calendar accross projects)

Do you want to reorder channels within a project? Hover over the project row and 3 horizontal lines appear wich allow you to drag and drop the channel.

Navigate quickly to a specific week by clicking on the week number and date range. A dropdown with a date selector appears. Click on the week number or a specific date.
See the previous or next week by using the triangles next to the week header.

Add a moment on a specific day. Hover over the date number and you can add a moment to that day. You only have to select the channel when you are looking at the communication calendar of a project.

In this release we've also fixed a few minor bugs that had to do with the end of the year.

Thanks for reporting any misbehaviour of your Husky. He won't be getting his rewarding cookies this time. ;)

The next release will be about tasks lists (templates). Looking forward to it!

Latest update:17 December 2020