Release note 2018.11.18

Completely revamped Budget module

These are the most important changes:

  1. Tags at costs
  2. Filter options: by project groups, project and cost managers and tags
  3. New charts for budget and monthly expenditure
  4. Differences between expected costs/invoices with budget, in graphs, progress bars and hard data
  5. Plan and project group limit
  6. Quickly add invoices
  7. Easier adding of new financial years
  8. All budget: for those who have more than one plan to manage, it all comes together here
  9. Clarification of budget at multi-channel moments
  10. Export

You can read more about the new Budget capabilities in this blog article.

Archive plan before deletion

Because it was pretty 'dangerous' that you could delete an entire plan in only 2 mouse clicks, this has now been changed that you first need to archive it before you can delete it.

Up next: task lists as templates

Latest update:17 January 2024