Release note 2018.09.12


Copy project improvements: now includes the possibility to copy moments and deadlines of tasks related to a focus moment. You can set up a template project with a workflow and start the workflow at another time.

Comments on discussion: allow multiline input with Shift + Enter

Notifications: mark a single notification as read, next to marking the entire notifications list as read.

Styling fixes for users of Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.

Files in the sidebar are mostly shown in the browser instead of offered as a download. Popular file formats for images, PDF, video and audio are streamed in the browser. We'll add the possibility to view Office documents in the browser very soon.

Integration of new transactional mail services to ensure higher deliverability of email notifications (tasks, discussions, reminders, password resets, …). All mails are now sent from

New workflows for onboarding new trial users. Check out the 'How to' section in the Help Center.

Up next: improvements on Projects timeline.

Latest update:17 January 2024