Number of marketing plansUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of projects or campaignsUnlimitedUnlimited
Communication planning
Task planning
TimesheetsOptional @ € 4/user/month
Budget planning
Results dashboards
Notes & briefings
Online proofingOptional @ € 6/user/month
Discussions (chat)
Strategic marketing plan
Adding reviewers (free users)UnlimitedUnlimited
Price/user/month€ 44€ 54

Setup support is included.

Prices based on annual subscription (one year invoice)
Volume discount possible
Quarterly subscription: +15%
Prices excl. VAT

Frequently asked questions

In your subscription you pay per user. However, users can also be free. In Husky they are called readers and project staff. A reader can see everything, but cannot change anything (e.g. a customer of a marketing agency). He can participate in discussions. A project employee has limited access to one or a few projects, but can do anything within them. Typical use: an external freelancer or an intern with a marketing team.

More info about user roles.

During the trial or test period - which lasts 7 days - you can use the marketing planner to your heart's content. When the trial period ends, the system switches to 'read only' mode. Your data continues to be saved, but you need to activate your account in order to continue working. As soon as we receive your payment confirmation, the marketing planner switches back to active mode.

There are two payment methods to choose from: direct online payment or bank transfer. For your online payment, you can use credit card or Paypal. If you'd rather pay with a bank transfer, the amount must be transferred within 14 days. You can start using Husky right after the payment procedure and will automatically receive the invoice via email.

Our support manager is here to help! Use the chat box in Husky to ask any question about the tool, your account or your plan. We'll answer as soon as possible, very often within a few minutes.

Husky is a cloud application that runs in a secure HTTPS environment - and behind an individual login and password - so the data entered at any time gets high privacy standards. If you ensure that your login details don't get into the wrong hands, Husky is much more secure than Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents that can be just copied and forwarded.

When, after working with Husky for a year, you decide not to renew your subscription then we set your account to inactive. But that doesn't mean that your data disappear! We store your account so you can continue again later.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed so you and your colleagues won't suffer any productivity loss. Do you want to cancel your subscription for some reason, then you have to notify us at least one month before the renewal date. The administrator can see in the menu 'Subscription', which shows him how long it stays active. Canceling your subscription is by filling out this form. You have full access till the renewal date. After that date, the application will become 'read only'.

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