Affiliate Partner

Affiliate Partners promote Husky via their own media:

  • Place a banner on your website
  • Write a review on your website
  • Place a link in a blog
  • Include Husky in your list of marketing technology tools
  • Post a message on your social media
  • Place a banner on your e-newsletter

How does it work? 

  • Your visitors click on a text link or a banner that refers to Husky.
  • They will land on our website and/or our free trial page.
  • The number of visits is measured using a unique affiliate code that is coupled to the link between your message and our website.
  • Our affiliate software keeps track of all visits and visitors, while you have a perfect overview of this traffic on your own dashboard.
  • If one of the visitors you referred to Husky starts up a free trial, you will be entitled to a fixed fee per free trial started.
  • At the end of the month you will receive payment from us based on the results derived from your affiliate dashboard.

As an Affiliate Partner you will receive a commission of €25 per free trial that originated via a link from your medium, regardless of whether the company becomes a customer.

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