The ultimate tool for marketing campaign management at retailers

Omnichannel in retail marketing needs a digitization of the organization

A lot of marketing departments at retailers aren't ready (yet) for an omnichannel communication with their customers. Time is pressing. The classic divide between online and offline is under pressure and silo mentality in divisional teams is changing into an integrated team approach.

All of this is putting pressure on the marketing organization. An omnichannel vision is contradictory with the way marketers work at islands, with regards to the organization. Content marketers, webshop managers, digital marketers, shop managers, graphic artists, advertising managers … all serve the same goal: an integrated and multimedial communication with customers and prospects.

The role of digital tools in this process is crucial. Multiple team members working on the same campaigns in different domains: that will never work out when the team members are self-organizing differently, dealing with projects, tasks, campaigns, budgets, results and notes.

The solution? A centralized organizational platform for the entire marketing team

Get rid off tens of Excel documents. Get rid off the multitude of different tasks apps or project management tools that get in the way of an omnichannel organization. Let's meet Husky: one centralized platform for all marketing team members to manage their projects, with respect to the overarching organization, vision and ambitions. C-level executives, managers, intermediate coworkers alike: everyone is working in the same environment, but still has the flexibility to organize the work details.

The result:

  • everyone is talking about the same things, strategically and operationally (thanks to the centralized naming of projects in Husky)
  • task management (completing your own tasks and delegating tasks to colleagues) is much smoother (no more misunderstandings)
  • team meetings happen a lot smoother because of more transparency in the organization (you can immediately see who is in charge of a project, who needs to complete a task and who is responsable for a which campaign)
  • one central campaigns calendar that shows all campaigns of the entire team at a glance, but also focuses on your own campaigns calendar (e.g. look at the social media content calendar for the coming 4 weeks)
  • one centralized budget management and follow-up makes cost control and budgetin way easier
  • one centralized KPI dashboard (e.g. sales of ecommerce went up with 30% in the past 3 months) stimulates individual team members and the entire group ambition
  • linking all operational and strategic notes (e.g. what is our PR strategy for next year?) to the right project makes these data accessible for all team members (no more searching in mails and on servers)

In summary: Husky is the ideal tool to digitize the marketing department at retails with regards to self organization and project management. Interested? Complete to contact form. We'll contact you shortly for a demo, audit or workshop.

Omnichannel sets a new benchmark in terms of collaboration within marketing teams. For many marketing organizations in retail, this means a new start and a redrawing of the organization.

Jelle Sybesma, Omnichannel Consultant HEMA

Our digital team uses Husky to keep an overview on all campaigns. We also share this overview with our external partners.

Tom Muyllaert, Manager digital marketing / e-commerce Brico
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