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How to become a better retail marketer

A professional retail marketer masters all facets of omni-channel marketing and combines marketing campaigns with allways-on communication. However, retail marketers also need to work in a perfect team with suppliers (the retail brands), with marketing colleagues and with the management to which they report professionally. Retail marketers therefore do not work on an island, they invest in digital project management so that communication and reporting are quick and clear. Digital tools are not only there for personal gain, but also to improve the entire team organisation. Smart retail marketers realise that they themselves become better when the team works efficiently. Modern retail marketing teams therefore move away from fragmented planning and invest time and energy in centralising planning for both marketing campaigns and allways-on communication. Finally, professional retail marketers are also cracks in performance marketing and are constantly working towards KPIs that they can easily share with management and all stakeholders within the company. 

MediaMarkt User Story

In this user story of MediaMarkt you get new insights to turn retail marketing into a well-oiled machine. You will learn which pain points they were struggling with, which planning features they use the most and which personal benefits they experience thanks to Husky.


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Streamlining our EU campaigns is incredibly important. In the past, we had a lot of miscommunication between marketing teams with international reach. That was before we got to know Husky. Now all the marketing data is in one central platform, which saves time and ensures clear agreements.

Klaas Salomons, Team Leader Brand Management Shimano Europe

At Husqvarna we have the ambition to align marketing planning in all European countries. After a thorough selection we chose Husky as our planning tool to successfully tackle this process. Within my digital team we will set up standards and processes to lay the foundation for a successful adoption in the group that consists of dozens of marketing teams in various European countries.

Mark Van Dijk, Digital Marketing Manager Gardena | Husqvarna