Your very own marketing strategy

Michiel Destoop
February 8, 2018
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Not every company is the same. Not every marketing strategy is the same. Husky allows you to craft your marketing strategy according to your own insights.

From the beginning of Husky we’ve emphasized on the importance of combining marketing tactics with marketing strategy. You can’t have one without the other. Whichever comes first is up to you. Some prefer to deal with tactics first and then consolidate best practices in a strategy, others do strategy first and concretize in marketing projects later.

Add new topics to add content to your strategy and use sections to structure them. It's similar to how you create and organize your projects and project groups.

Sections are ordered alphabetically and topics can be rearranged within a section manually by dragging the three horizontal bars. Tip: if you want to order your sections the way you want, use numbers or letters.

Why use a separate Word document for your marketing strategy? Write it down in Husky, where all your marketing projects live.

In each topic you can write text, add links, images, tables, … and create new tasks, start discussions and upload files. The same functionality as in the Project Notes.

Oh, and did we mention you can export your entire marketing strategy as one well designed PDF? Perfect for sending it out to 'the powers that be' or for having an offline date-stamped copy.

Thinking outside the box

Strategy is all about thinking outside the box, right?. So, why not think outside the box for Strategy in Husky?

You can use this part of the application to gather all your

  • meeting notes
  • procedures
  • press contacts
  • supplier contacts
  • shared logins and passwords
  • onboarding documents for new team members

If it’s related to your marketing organization, you should put it in the Husky platform for all to find and use.

However, when it’s related to a project, you’d better put it in the Notes of that project.
How do you add Notes to a Project group, you wonder? Good question. Why not make a project ‘General’ in your project group ‘Events’? There you can add general notes about Events, add general costs and invoices, set general KPIs for your events and add tasks about Events that are not related to a specific event.

Need some inspiration for your marketing strategy?

We've prepared 45 questions for you to answer about your marketing strategy, dealing with business model and marketing communication. The structure and wording of these 45 questions is based on the experience of a marketing consultancy firm. It has been developed during the writing of hundreds of marketing plans in the past decade, and teaching hundreds of fellow marketers and business owners how to write their marketing plan.

The 45 topics are divided into 9 sections:

  1. Goals
  2. Offering
  3. Market
  4. Added value
  5. Organization
  6. Online communication
  7. Networking
  8. Advertising
  9. Customer experience

Seasoned marketers will recognize items such as the SWOT analysis, the elevator pitch, vision & mission statement and the unique selling proposition. Nevertheless, first-timers are also able to answer these questions. In the end, they have written down a complete marketing strategy, without really knowing it.


Are you anxious to know the 40 questions and their explanation?

Download the whitepaper 'Marketing strategy in 40 critical questions".

Take control of your marketing strategy with Husky

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