4 out of 5 marketers are not satisfied with the current workflow

Peter Desmyttere
January 6, 2017
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You may have already noticed: Husky aims to make the work of marketers go smoother. To better respond to the needs of marketers, we conducted a market survey with the following research question: “What are the biggest problems for marketers and marketing teams?”

In November and December 2016, the research bureau Devroe & Partners conducted the survey of 250 marketers in medium and large companies (50 to 500 employees) in Flanders and Brussels, scattered across various sectors.

Some notable conclusions from the survey:

  • 78% of marketers believe that the current way of working can be better
  • 6 of the 10 biggest problems in marketing departments are related to insight and overview
  • 39% said that a lack of understanding of the marketing processes is the biggest problem
  • 36% of marketers indicated that they measure hardly any or no results
  • 78% use only Excel, Word and PowerPoint to manage the marketing organization

4 out of 5 are dissatisfied with the current way of working

To the question "How satisfied are you with the current way of functioning of your marketing department?" only 55 marketers responded that they are completely satisfied. This means that 78% of marketers are aware - and admit - that their way of working could be better.

Insight and overview are the greatest problems

We also polled them about the biggest problems in their work as marketers. It quickly became clear that for most respondents there is a lack of understanding and overview. Marketers miss especially insight into the marketing processes and an overview of the progress of specific projects, tasks and campaigns.

Marketers say they don't always know exactly what their colleagues are doing and what tasks have already been completed. This makes it difficult for them to prepare a status of current projects and there is often a hell of a lot figuring out before reporting to management or the customer.

They are sometimes so busy with a specific task that they lose sight of the strategy behind the project or even the entire marketing plan in which the task belongs. 39% of respondents acknowledge that continuous ad hoc work makes it difficult to act proactively and to frame the marketing activities within a structured whole.

marketing challenges

The biggest problems for marketers and marketing teams

Not measuring is not knowing

A cliché, but nonetheless true: to measure is to know. Marketing is becoming increasingly more important for companies, the pressure on budgets is increasing and therefore it's essential to know exactly what is and isn't working. Yet KPI, ROI and CRO still remain a mystery to many marketers because more than a third (36%) of the respondents identify measuring results as an important operating point.

The favorite program for managing marketing? Excel!

Our research also showed that only 18% make use of a project management tool. The remaining 205 marketers manage their projects most often (58%) via Excel. Additionally, use is also made of a CRM system, Access, Word, PowerPoint, paper and oral communication.

The extensive use of Excel is especially surprising because it is a pure-blooded calculation program. It is not a tool for managing projects and tasks, monitoring campaigns or keeping strategic notes. In a previous article we already explained how stupid Excel is and why marketers deserved better.


Are all the marketers then sloppy and unstructured, or perhaps they are perfectionists who are never satisfied with their work? Certainly not. We think that their dissatisfaction and lack of oversight has rather more to do with the tools they use to manage projects.

During the daily operations, anyone who wants to be able easily zoom out to the bigger picture (that is, the marketing strategy) and in the meantime would like to know which tasks their colleagues have completed, how much budget is left, which campaigns are planned or what the results are like needs suitable software: a project management tool. With such a tool, you can see at a glance the status of ongoing projects, do task management, plan campaigns, track results in a dashboard, manage the budget and keep all the files related to a project.

During the survey we listed these key benefits and asked the marketers whether they could mean added value for them. The largest assets proved to be: storage of all marketing data on one digital platform (77%), defining and measuring KPIs per period (77%), more efficient meetings (65%) and communication with colleagues (42%), a calendar that displays all the campaigns on a single screen (76%) and improved reporting to management (71%).

Although marketers recognize the benefits of a project management tool, it is not always obvious for them how to implement it in their daily marketing operations. Many fear that its implementation is time consuming, complex and expensive.

What does that mean for Husky?

With Husky, we want to offer a project management tool that solves all - or at least as many as possible – of the problems of marketers and marketing teams.

Thanks to our years of experience in marketing consultancy we could identify the main problems for marketers and use them as the basis for the development of Husky. A market survey of 250 companies in Flanders and Brussels seemed to us to be essential for identifying the problems of marketers better and to see the need for a tool like Husky confirmed.

Marketing planning with Husky

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