Variable prices produce more creative marketing campaigns

Peter Desmyttere
September 2, 2016
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Many marketing managers get nervous when they have to fix the price of their product or service. They do not dare to keep asking, find it difficult to find ‘the right price’ and certainly don’t dare to raise their prices for fear of losing customers or orders. The search for the ‘right price’ is therefore often a complex task.

But what if, just for once, we assume that 'the right price' doesn't exist?

That it's just the amount that a certain type of customer will pay at that time, at that place, under those circumstances or for that quality? In other words, if we start from the proposition that our pricing can depend on one or more criteria.

In the white paper you will learn that it's quite interesting when you get away from the idea that every customer needs the same price approach. As a marketing manager it's much more challenging to play with the price in marketing campaigns. And that is certainly much more than giving flat discounts!

The big advantage of using variable rates is that you force yourself to deal consciously and flexibly with prices. It's much more creative to strive for the highest possible profit margin through variable pricing. Is there for example temporarily a very high demand for your products and the competition is not an alternative? What's then stopping you raising your prices?

The right price is therefore never fixed. It's something flexible that can depend on certain factors or criteria. And a marketing manager should have a good command of those factors to get the best out of variable pricing.

In this white paper you will find a lot of examples that clearly show that this continually happens in practice. They will certainly give you inspiration to get started yourself with variable prices.

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