6 trends for the communication plan of 2019

Michiel Destoop
October 16, 2018
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What shouldn’t be missing from your communication plan for 2019? What are the trends in marketing and communication? Analysis of dozens of communication plans shows 6 trends.

As providers of a digital marketing planner, marketing teams from the most diverse sectors give us a glimpse into their cockpit. With Husky, they not only manage their ongoing marketing projects, but also plan for the (near) future. As the new year is approaching very quickly, I'd like to list the most important communication trends for 2019. It can inspire you to start new communication projects for next year, or to divide budgets differently.

1. More online

A killer of all time! This trend has been going on for years, but is still relevant. Budget is shifting even more to online. Both for content creation and advertising. Certainly the share of video is growing even further. And a good performance on mobile is indispensable, both for private and business customers.

2. More outdoor

The effect of more online activities is that consumers want to protect themselves more from them, by using ad blockers, by not accepting cookies or by generally becoming more indifferent to online advertising. Think of banner blindness, for example, where more and more people are learning better not to notice or ignore online ads - compare it to the sanitation stop or snack supply during the commercial break on live TV, or flushing through during delayed viewing.

3. Value creation

As an alternative to advertising violence, marketing teams are looking for ways to make them as relevant as possible to their target group.

  • Services: with which tools can we bind our (future) customers to our brand?
  • Buying advice: what information does someone need to make a decision and how can we make it as comprehensible as possible? Comparison tools, calculation models, video reviews, whitepapers, ... are the means of communication.
  • Fun factor: surprise, entertain, inspire, ... in order to influence the ratio through emotion. Here too, the intention must be to know your target groups as well as possible and to tailor the communication to them.

4. Automation and personalisation

Give everyone the same message? That doesn't work well. The task is to get to know your customer as well as possible and convince and bind based on personalized and perfectly timed messages.

But in 2018, GDPR put some sticks in the way of the marketer who thought he could acquire and use personal data without any worries. Procedures have been drawn up and many try to follow the rules as well as possible. It remains a challenge to convince (future) customers to entrust their personal data and in return to provide more valuable communication. In 2019, GDPR will remain a theme. It is expected that a number of large companies will be publicly criticised. 

5. Omnichannel

The boundaries between online and offline are blurring further. What happens on social media must be tuned to what can be seen in the store or at events. There are channels for the customer. His image of a brand is formed by all the stimuli he receives about it. Not all stimuli are fully under the control of the company. The impact of word of mouth is known. By means of influencer marketing we try to give direction to this.

6. Working at work

Quite a few marketing teams will also spend a lot of time and energy in 2019 on the organisation, the processes and the tools to start up and keep all those communication projects running. Only in this way can more productivity and more effectiveness be achieved. Very large organisations appoint a 'marketing technologist' to do this, who will have to steer everything in the right direction. Smaller marketing teams must be vigilant that by using smaller productivity tools they do not cause fragmentation and hinder collaboration across teams.

Write your communication plan for 2019

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