Top-notch or topless meetings - the path to meeting more efficiently

Michiel Destoop
May 5, 2017
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I admit: I’m only human. ‘Topless meetings’ spurred up my imagination when it appeared on my LinkedIn-stream of updates: “Topless meetings are the new trend”.

Clickbait. Even without a teasing picture. Only when I started reading, I realized they were referring to more efficient meetings because of the banning of laptops.


(And when I started looking up the theory behind it, it became clear that this trend was trending on a yearly basis…)

Should we ban laptops from a meeting? Really? I don’t think so. What we should recommend, is shutting down that mailbox and put a hold on all sorts of notifications. Meeting requires your full attention. By why shouldn’t you be allowed to look at the meeting agenda on your computer, or jot down digital notes?

The heart of the matter is that too much time is being lost at meetings. With or without laptop computers.

(Even despite your taped webcam, I can see you nod explicitly.)

Seven top tips for top-notch meetings

  1. Start punctually and finish as quick as possible. We all have other things to do besides playing the waiting game. And the moment a meeting starts to take too much time, either postpone some items or provide a short break for fresh air.
  2. Set a fixed moment. Daily for a standing (and therefore short) meeting, or weekly for a more elaborate meeting.
  3. Involve only those who matter. Possibly split up the meeting so that the shared time is spent wisely.
  4. Put on an agenda. And distribute in advance. Everyone can prepare for the meeting, or add new agenda items.
  5. Focus on the meeting. During a meeting, you discuss matters and appoint responsibles who need to take care of the follow-up. Resist the temptation to work out the details during the meeting. Don’t start creating or changing a Powerpoint presentation all together.
  6. Express your expectations. What would you like to achieve or decide by the end of the meeting? Perhaps appoint someone whose job it is that those goals are met by the end of the meeting.
  7. Close in style. Repeat the most important decisions and agree on the next meeting time.
Stand up meetings, the next level. Great for your abs! (Credits: Katherine Madley)


We’ve made it really easy in Husky to prepare for your marketing meetings.

  • change the status of the projects you want to discuss, right before the meeting and only look at those projects. Perhaps sort them so they are displayed together.
  • make a new project and give it the title of ‘marketing meeting’. Use the Notes section to draw up the agenda for the meeting. Put your name or initials between brackets.
  • copy the URL of the Notes of this newly created project, and add it to your digital calendar

You can copy this text freely as a template for your meeting agenda. You’re welcome!



Frequency: weekly, on monday morning
Participants: X, Y, and Z
How to: Everyone ca add new agenda items in the format of "(?) Subject" and replace the question mark by his initials so it's clear who wants to discuss what.

Agenda XX/XX/2017


  1. Discuss projects
  2. Campaign planning this week
  3. Weekly targets

From the last meeting:

  1. (X) Writing our strategic marketing plan


  1. (Y) Follow-up on budget
  2. (Z) Vacation planning

Marketing planning with Husky

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