Think about existing customers for a change

Peter Desmyttere
March 16, 2017
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Marketing often focuses on getting new leads and customers, so why not think about existing customers for a change? They already love your brand and you know it.

The main focus of marketing is very often acquiring new leads and customers. But what about existing customers? They already showed their intrest in your products and will cost far less effort to convince than people who never heard of your brand. So go ahead and pamper them!

Develop a loyalty program with gifts, free products and services. Think of a dedicated discount system that rewards returning customers and stimulates loyalty. A discount depending on the purchase quantity, frequency or order size is definitely a good starting point. For stores and shops, the good old loyalty card still works like a charm.

existing customers

Set up a tell-a-friend program: encourage your customers to talk about your products and bring in new customers. Give them a gift for every customer they refer. Be creative and choose wisely: with a useful, unique item you will no longer need to give discounts. Set up your program using a referral marketing tool that automatically rewards customers when the person they referred becomes a customer too.

Mouth-to-mouth marketing is a very powerful means of communication. Because, honestly, would you doubt your friends' and family's opinion about a product or brand? Exactly.

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