Tags on projects

Michiel Destoop
December 5, 2017
⏱ 2 min. read
This article deals with functionality that might have evolved meanwhile. Check the Help Center for an actual overview, or request an online demo.

Do you find it hard to structure your projects according to project groups? Good news! Now it’s possible to apply Tags to projects.

How often have you had this same thought when saving a document on your computer: "Shouldn't this document belong to 2 seperate subfolders?". The limitation of a nesting folder structure — the same structure that you know from your computer — was the same limitation that held Husky back. But not anymore: we have made it possible to use tags for projects, the same tags that you have become familiar with in your campaigns calendar.

How could you use tags for projects?

  • Target groups or personas. Do you have projects that are only applicable to specific target groups? You can give that extra information.
  • Target groups. Is your project structure built around products, or do you have projects for the launch of new products? Give those projects a tag.
  • Distribution. The need to attach projects to specific store locations or distribution channels? No problem.
  • Channels. Maken clear which projects are online or offline? Tags!
  • Duration. Every project can have a project duration, although start nor end date are required info. By means of tags you can group those projects according to year, quarter, season or month.
  • Priority. Do you have A, B and C projects? Create those tags.

Filter the projects list and campaign calendar based on tags

The main added value of applying tags, is that you can use those tags when filtering the projects list. Also the combination of project groups and tags is possible.

Which filters you chose, gets remembered unless you change them the next time. The long list of projects can easily be filtered so you only see your projects within a specific project group, with a specific status and/or specific tags. Super useful during a meeting to show only those projects with the status 'To discuss'.

When you give your projects a specific tag, you can use those in the filtering of your campaigns. Show all your campaings of your A-type projects for instance. Give it a try, you'll seen discover more useful scenarios. 

Managing tags

With the Tag manager you manage all tags within one account: there you create all tags, or renames, groups or deletes them. In your filter lists, you only see the applicable tags.

Who can manager those tags? Anyone who has access to all plans within your account, namely the account administrator and the account manager. A brief refresh of the different roles within Husky can be found here.

In the upper left corner next to the name of the plan is a cogwheel. Click on it, you'll find a link to the tag manager.

Adding tags to a project

At several places, you can add tags to a project.

  • When creating your project.
  • In the projects list, you click on the pencil icon and a popup display appears.
  • On the overview page of a project, you can find the call-to-action to manage tags. When you click on it, a popup display appears.

Take control of your marketing plans and projects with Husky

Do you want to know why Husky can be an asset to all your plans and projects? 

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