Statuses of projects, tasks and campaigns

Michiel Destoop
May 17, 2017
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This article deals with functionality that might have evolved meanwhile. Check the Help Center for an actual overview, or request an online demo.

Up till now, it was only possible to use statuses in the context of projects. But it also comes in handy to add a status to your tasks and campaigns. That’s why we’ve added it.

In one glance you can see which tasks are in progress, so you can follow-up on them. Seeing statuses of other people's tasks and campaigns lessens the need for written or spoken status updates.

You could set certain tasks or campaigns on 'To discuss' and in the next meeting you open up your Husky, browse to the list of tasks or campaigns, and filters on the status 'To discuss'. Ready with discussing? Change the status easily to 'In progress' or another status.

The same statuses are used in projects, strategy chapters, tasks, and campaigns. You'll recognize the colored labels in tasks lists. in the campaign calendar, the status is more subtle. The colored dot before the campaign title enables us to save as much space as possible for your timeline. Anyhow, if you want to know more about a task or campaign, click on the title and the sidebar appears.

Custom statuses

Perhaps you're in need of some extra statuses to organize your work more wisely? The 5 default statuses might not be sufficient enough. Easy enough, just add some more? You can add up to 4 extra status labels.

This article in our Help Center gives you a few ideas on how to use these custom labels.

The new statuses are available immediately: in projects, tasks, campaigns and strategy chapters. However, the are restricted to the plan you're editing at the time. In another plan, you can set up different statuses, or repeat the same. 

Go ahead and give it a try.

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