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Peter Desmyttere
June 8, 2020
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Marketing is more than setting up and managing promotions and campaigns. The success of operational marketing projects is determined by the quality of the strategy that serves as the basis for the implementation. Operational marketing success based on a weak marketing strategy is rare, you know. Good marketers therefore not only execute, they also think about the strategy that must lead to success. Professional marketers go one step further: they define the strategy, document and substantiate it and share it with their colleagues, marketing agency, customers and management. In this way the defined strategy becomes even stronger thanks to the shared insights. In this article I give you some tips and techniques for sharing a defined marketing strategy with other people.

PowerPoint and Word lead the way

As a marketer you will definitely recognize the following scenario. Your manager asks you to present a strategy next week to successfully launch the next campaign. He wants to know which target groups you are going to aim at, in which regions the campaign will run, with what story and slogan you will position the campaign, what the visual language of the campaign will be and through which media channels you will put them on the market. You will of course get down to work in time to meet the deadline. Maybe you will sketch some ideas on a notepad or whiteboard first. But I bet the first digital document you open is a PowerPoint or Word file. PowerPoint and Word are a logical first reflex for marketers setting a marketing or campaign strategy down in writing. And those who have to present the strategy may prefer PowerPoint as a strategic document.
Writing down and presenting is one thing. However, sharing strategic ideas and decisions is something else. And this article is about just that. "Send me the presentation, I'll make some comments on it," your manager may say after the meeting. A few days later you will receive an email with comments, corrections and strategic additions. That in itself is workable, but when several colleagues are involved in the strategic structure or when you set up several marketing or campaign strategies each year, you quickly get entangled in a mess of emails
Office365 users have an advantage when using PowerPoint and Word. They have collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams available within the Office Suite. This enables them to quickly share feedback or place strategic comments and feedback in the document itself. Those who do not centralize the feedback from several colleagues in or near the document itself, open the way to fragmented strategic feedback. And that can never be the intention.

Marketing campaign plan
On our download page you will find a wealth of marketing templates, including a PowerPoint template for a strategic marketing plan.

Marketing agencies often use Google Presentations and Google Docs

While Office365 is at the top of the list for companies as office software, marketing agencies often use the Google Suite. For them it is a foregone conclusion that a marketing plan, marketing strategy, communication strategy, marketing briefing, campaign strategy, campaign plan or campaign briefing is created in a Google Presentation or Google Document. Within the agency team, it is then easy to manage the documents for each customer on Google Drive, with each colleague placing their strategic comments and feedback in the document itself.

It is quite easy to share strategy within the marketing agency, but sharing the documents with the client is more difficult in practice. After all, clients usually use Office software for document management. People who are used to working in an Office environment do not take so easily to a Google environment. So, strategists, account managers and campaign planners in marketing agencies can perfectly set up, document and share client strategy with one another. But client feedback is mainly via email. And that inhibits the quality and progress of the strategic decision process.

Notes software: toys for marketing thinkers

Take a look around you at a marketing conference or seminar. The number of tablets or PCs on which notes software is open is remarkable. Every marketer has worked with Evernote, OneNote, GoogleKeep, Dropbox Paper or Bear at some time. I myself am a fan of Penultimate, a digital handwriting app for the iPad, now owned by Evernote. For me, it is the replacement for the notepad or the whiteboard on which I previously tried to organize my strategic thoughts. I can then share my notes with other people through the Evernote web application. 
Unfortunately, only a minority of my clients uses Evernote and I am the only one in the office who uses a digital handwriting app on the iPad. It helps me to write down strategic thoughts, but when sharing with others it offers hardly any added value. I often recognize this scenario during meetings with marketers. They make intensive use of note software for meeting reports and strategic ideas, but it is extremely difficult for them to make the step to a strategically shareable document via note apps.

Husky integrates the strategy into the campaign planning and makes them shareable

As a marketing consultant I have written many marketing plans and campaign strategies for clients. For years, PowerPoint and Excel were my favorite digital tools. In 2015, together with three co-founders, I made the move to a digital marketing planner that seamlessly integrates the strategic marketing plan (campaign briefing, campaign strategy, communication strategy, etc.) with the operational marketing plan (campaign planning and communication planning). 
The motivation for Husky's development was my frustration with the lack of strategy and strategic foundation for the launching of marketing projects and campaigns. I also saw how ad hoc marketers work when launching marketing projects and campaigns and how much trouble they had building a strategy. 
Marketers in marketing departments and in marketing agencies do not have to struggle at all with setting up and sharing strategies when they launch marketing projects and campaigns. In the Husky Marketing Planner they can let strategy and implementation run smoothly together and experiences within the campaign enrich the campaign strategy and vice versa. 

Example of a briefing for a campaign in Husky under the "Notes" tab. The operational planning is only one mouse click away, under the "Communication" tab. That way you can prepare the strategy and planning simultaneously. You can share the campaign with colleagues or clients, adding comments and feedback in the document or via the discussions. In the separate strategy module in Husky you can also prepare a complete strategic plan regardless of projects and campaigns. 

Pros and cons of the different ways of sharing marketing strategies with others

Software  Advantages Disadvantages

Microsoft Powerpoint & Word

  • Simplicity
  • Low threshold
  • Free
  • Complete freedom (100% customizable)
  • Shareable within Office365
  • The risk of data fragmentation is high
  • Strategy is separate from the campaign planning
Google Presentations & Documents
  • Simplicity
  • Low threshold
  • Free
  • Complete freedom (100% customizable)
  • Shareable within the Google Suite
  • The risk of data fragmentation is high
  • Strategy is separate from the campaign planning
Note apps
Evernote, OneNote, Dropbox Paper, Bear
  • Free to inexpensive
  • Pleasant interface
  • Risk of data fragmentation
  • It is more difficult to share with others  
  • Strategy is separate from the campaign planning
  • Sometimes the integration with MS Office is missing
  • Handy Word editor for formatting strategies
  • 100% shareable with other people
  • Strategic templates available
  • Strategy and planning are integrated
  • Paying application (although with many free rights)



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