Recipe to whitepaper success: write, publish & promote

Michiel Destoop
February 23, 2017
⏱ 1 min. read

Researching and creating content is only a first step when it comes to whitepapers: publishing and promoting them is equally important. Make sure each whitepaper is easily accessible so that people can find it, download it, read it and become highly qualified leads in the process.

Whitepapers are a great way to give your audience in-depth content about a specific topic. They offer more value than your usual blog posts: not only because they are longer (6 to 50 pages), but also because they are the result of (extensive) research and are written by an author with a certain expertise in the industry.

Be careful not to use whitepapers for advertising. Sure you can suggest your product as part of the solution for the problem your whitepaper promises to solve, but only if it fits in a strong, objective and factual argumentation. Bottom line: don’t use whitepapers as pamphlets to promote your product and drive sales with 27 ‘Sign up now’ call-to-actions.Whitepaper downloads typically require the following info: email address, first and last name and company. They are a great way to capture highly qualified leads: people will only download your whitepaper if they are interested in the topic it covers or the problem it solves. Now, if that topic is closely related to the services you offer — which it usually is — you are building the dream audience for your brand.

We created a handy checklist to help you with the production, publishing and promotion process. Download our Publishing and Promoting Whitepapers Checklist and use it as a recipe to whitepaper success!

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