Play the Marketing Buzzword Bingo

Michiel Destoop
June 2, 2017
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Fancy a game?

During meetings or presentations, marketing buzzwords are used quite often. What makes a word buzz? When it's used too often, especially by people who don't fully understand the meaning of the word.

Marketers often are inventors of words and like to be the first to detect a new trend. That makes them easy victims/causes for buzzwords.

Some buzzwords are evergreens. Three letter words such as KPI and ROI are said without hesitation. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but it could become too much (and too funny).

That's why we thought, let's make a little game that makes fun of the whole marketing lingo, but also improves (even more so) the atmosphere in the marketing team. Tadaaa… a game of 'buzzword bingo'.

Download the Marketing Buzzword Bingo


Game rules

Variant 1 (solo)

  • During a next marketing meeting or presentation you — secretly — put marks on the bingo sheet aobut how many times the buzzword has been used. 
  • Do some words remain unsaid, use them yourself before the end of your meeting. If necessary all in one final sentence. ;) 

Variant 2 (team)

  • Play the Marketing Buzzword Bingo with your colleagues during a meeting or presentation. The PDF consists of 5 variants.
  • In an interactive meeting, you try to trick colleagues or the presenter in using the buzzwords without saying them yourself.
  • The one who crosses out a row or column first, shouts 'BINGO' out loud. Who dares?

Variant 3 (event)

  • Attending a marketing event?
  • Tweet as soon as you crossed out your first column or row.
  • Use the hashtag #buzzwordbingo together with the official hashtag of the event.
  • Only insiders will know what you are tweeting about. ;)
  • Have you complete an entire sheet and you're the first one at the event, tweet #buzzwordbingoking. If you also mention @huskymarketing you might expect a nice gift.

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