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October 29, 2020

Excel is stupid ... as a marketing calendar

Many marketers use (or abuse) Excel for everything: task lists, budget monitoring, page distribution of publications and also for planning their projects. Excel is without a doubt the global market leader for marketing planning tools. Doesn’t that sound crazy? A spreadsheet used by marketers as the tool for marketing planning?

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September 23, 2020

Does a Marketing Planning Tool help you to obtain an ISO certificate?

Companies that go for an ISO certificate often need the support of the marketing department. Marketing is usually involved in achieving ISO-9001 (for quality) and ISO14001 (for the environment). In these cases, the company is thoroughly audited on 4 critical processes in the company: sales, marketing, production and logistics. For the marketing department, obtaining an ISO standard is a significant stress test. After all, the ISO auditors then look for processes within the marketing team. They look for evidence that the marketing team is so well organised that it is not dependent on one or more people, but that it relies entirely on well-founded processes that ensure that the team continues to run professionally when strategic team members are absent, sick, fired or left. The use of martech tools, such as Husky, is a terrible bonus in ISO processes. In this article, I explain why on the basis of a concrete case.

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September 23, 2020

How to create a simple result-dashboard for marketing?

Marketing results dashboards exist in many scents and colours. From super-simple to super-complex. From super-quick to ‘don’t start’. This article is written for those who are satisfied with measuring a few KPIs. You don’t need a supersonic marketing dashboard to monitor this. However, do you want to avoid creating a separate Excel document again? Then it’s best to do that right away in your marketing planning. In this way, planning and results are linked to each other.

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August 28, 2020

How do you organise efficient (online) marketing meetings?
Preparation, tooling and procedures are the 3 keys to success

Marketing meetings are a must to make marketing teams work efficiently. But they are also often a headache for marketing managers and marketing team leaders. Reason: they are not consistently (sufficiently) organized, there are no procedures or agreements, the preparation is insufficient, the meeting itself shoots in all directions and lacks its purpose, the to do’s discussed are neither documented nor complied with, the tools are fragmented, after the meeting numerous informal consultation moments arise that cross the meeting, … and so on. In this article I would like to share my marketing meeting experience as a marketing team leader at Husky and show how we are constantly making our marketing meetings more efficient.

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June 8, 2020

How to share your marketing strategy with others
Build the foundations of success together

Marketing is more than setting up and managing promotions and campaigns. The success of operational marketing projects is determined by the quality of the strategy that serves as the basis for the implementation. Operational marketing success based on a weak marketing strategy is rare, you know. Good marketers therefore not only execute, they also think about the strategy that must lead to success. Professional marketers go one step further: they define the strategy, document and substantiate it and share it with their colleagues, marketing agency, customers and management. In this way the defined strategy becomes even stronger thanks to the shared insights. In this article I give you some tips and techniques for sharing a defined marketing strategy with other people.

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April 30, 2020

What does Agile mean for marketing?
In small loops to big impact

Each marketing team wants to work as efficiently as possible within an external environment that is becoming increasingly agile, uncertain and complex. Agile working – in which multidisciplinary teams search for concrete results via result-oriented sprints and short cycles – is presented as a potential solution. Agile experts know for sure: a sequence of targeted, short-term actions works better than long-term campaigns in certain cases. But is that really the case? And if so: how do I get started? Marketers are left with a lot of questions when they want to introduce agile working within their organisation. In this article I list the most common questions (and answers) for you.

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April 9, 2020

Help! Marketing from home, is that possible?

Work from home they said. Everyone does it. You need to be agile. Just adapt to this new way of working. But how do marketing teams actually do that? A lot of marketing teams still work with spreadsheets, separate task lists, designs that are approved on paper, etc. What I often hear, is that marketers don’t feel the need to digitize all of this. They are always together and prefer to talk in-person to each other.

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February 25, 2020

When is a communication plan good or bad?

The communication plan is one of the cornerstones of a professional marketing policy. Marketers who work without a communication plan are condemned to work ad hoc within a multitude of tasks with deadlines. In other words: hopping from task to task is not the most ideal way to conduct a communication or marketing policy. The communication plan draws the lines (vision) for the future, divides the umbrella concept of ‘communication’ into different projects, gives peace of mind and puts all noses in the same direction.

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February 24, 2020

The 6 marketing stages of a trade fair participation
Planning and workflows are foundations for success

Participation in one or more public fairs or trade fairs is part of many marketing plans and budgets. Anyone who plans an event knows that there are many steps in a planning process that must lead to a successful trade fair participation. From my point of view – as a marketing consultant and founder of a planning tool for marketeers – I see a lot of ad hoc work during this planning process. Marketers run from deadline to deadline and never get a grip on or an overview of the planning process for the trade fair. I plead for a radical turnaround, away from ad hoc work and rushing to the next deadline. The solution? Divide your fair trade participation into 6 clear stages, with detailed workflows attached to each stage. In this article I sketch the 6 key stages for a successful trade fair participation and give you tools for workflows and trade fair planning.

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January 28, 2020

What types of marketing agencies exist?
Some agencies aren't the same

Recently I witnessed a heated discussion among business managers and clients of marketing agencies. The starting point of the discussion was the question “What type of agency am I?”. In the end it turned out that the way owners looked at their marketing agency was not the way clients position marketing agencies in the market. A mismatch between corporate image (how does the market look at me) and corporate identity (what do I want to radiate to the market). Seriously, because every marketer builds an image or identity and works on an identical brain position among customers and prospects. Isn’t that right? And me, I leaned back and enjoyed myself while the clichés and jargon were projected in the room.

The spectacle then kept haunting me for days. How do I actually look at the world of marketing agencies? How do I make a decision for one agency or the other? And how many types do I think exist? Read with me…

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