Orakel gained ISO 9001/14001 certification thanks to Husky Marketing Planner

Peter Desmyttere
April 22, 2016
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Orakel from Retie (Belgium) is the largest European manufacturer of event materials. The company has several offices abroad, and exports to more than 30 countries. This month, Orakel opened a new office in South Africa.

peter from husky with orakel marketersSofie Hermans (sales and marketing manager, on the left in the photo) has, two years after the professionalization, made marketing a top priority at Orakel. "Two years ago we started preparing and producing a detailed marketing plan. That has largely set the course for the current exponential growth," she says during a visit by Peter Desmyttere (CEO Husky Marketing Planner, in the center in the photo). "But we wanted to go further operationally because a written marketing plan does not produce any results if it is not followed by qualitative implementation. One of the first steps was the recruiting of a new marketer (Elke Dams, on the right in the photo), who had to implement the marketing plan in practice."

Orakel then quickly got down to work with Husky as a digital tool to streamline the marketing organization. "The project and task management is now faster and more efficient than before," testifies Elke Dams. "We now have one central organization tool that controls and motivates the day-to-day marketing activity. Communication between colleagues increasingly take place from Husky, which saves us tens of emails per week." 

A new step in the professionalization process was obtaining ISO certification (9001 for quality and 14001 for the environment). "We were thoroughly audited on four critical processes in the company: sales, marketing, production and logistics. For marketing it was an absolute advantage that our processes were centralized in Husky," says Sofie Hermans. "We certainly had, after all, to deal with a jumble of Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents in our marketing, which were then also scattered around many different places. Husky thus saved us a lot of work during the audit period." 

"We are on the right track, but it remains important to continue investing in the performance of our marketing organization," says Sofie Hermans. "The strong growth, the start-up of new offices and the support of our existing offices requires professional marketing. Once Husky is multilingual, we will also use the tool to improve the local marketing in the various countries."

Marketing planning with Husky

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