5 indispensable competencies in a marketing team

How to build your marketing dream team

Sara Dekesel
July 15, 2019
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How do you put together an efficient marketing team? What do you do internally, what do you outsource? Due to recent developments in marketing the answer to that question is no longer that simple. That’s why we are happy to explain which specialists are indispensable within your dream team.

Metamorphosis of the marketing team

The traditional marketing department has undergone a genuine transformation in recent years. This is due to three major evolutions.

First, there is the growth of the Internet. The online experience has become a fully-fledged part of the marketing plan. That is why it is no longer the exclusive domain of IT people, but marketers are also responsible for it.

The second evolution is the increased customer centricity and the associated big data. We want to touch our customer at every moment of the customer journey. As a result, storytelling, data analysis and data management can no longer be ignored by the marketing department.

With the arrival of new technologies, the contemporary marketing team now has more specialists than in the past. The generalist remains important but, due to the great diversity of marketing skills, marketers are usually specialized in one or more of them.

The core marketing competencies

It is rarely possible to have all the skills you need within one team. But how do you determine which ones are best to have available internally and which ones you can trust to external parties? To help you with this, a 'marketing skills matrix' has been set up. This matrix shows the core competencies of an efficient marketing team.

These are the five essential competencies within your marketing team:

1. Marketing strategy and planning
2. Email marketing
3. Data analysis, data reporting, customer insight
4. Content production
5. Copywriting

marketing team skills matrix
The 'marketing skills matrix'. In the upper right quadrant you will find, in blue, the core competencies that you should ideally have in your own team. For the competencies in black and green, it is easier to call on people outside of your team. 

Are you in a position to add even more competencies? Then you're best off choosing these: direct marketing, marketing automation, social media, data management and event planning.

Easy to outsource

IT-related marketing competencies (marked in black on the matrix) can be easily passed on to another department within your company. We are talking about lead management, web development, digital product management and artificial intelligence.

The seven in green are most easily outsourced to external companies: SEO, graphic design, PPC, the creation of advertisements, programmatic advertising, PR and video production.

And the winner is…

The most important competency is unmistakably marketing strategy and planning. This is of fundamental importance for the efficiency of a marketing team. Without a good strategy and planning, a marketing team will undoubtedly put in a lot of effort that produces little to nothing.

You can use our project management tool for marketing teams to optimally develop this essential competency. You can manage your entire marketing strategy, planning and budget with it, even for multiple brands. Start your free trial period now and discover what the Husky marketing planner can do for you and your team.

Source: Marketing team structures report 2017 by pure360, tfm en idm

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