Husky integrates +1500 apps via Zapier

Michiel Destoop
June 24, 2019
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This article deals with functionality that might have evolved meanwhile. Check the Help Center for an actual overview, or request an online demo.

Husky centralises all marketing data for marketing teams and agencies. Because only programmers can handle APIs and it takes a lot of work to write and maintain integration for each web application, Zapier comes in extremely handy. It makes integrations with modern cloud software a piece of cake. 

When we developed our API (i.e. the translator that makes it possible to connect Husky to other applications), we immediately provided integration with Zapier. As a result, it is possible to connect Husky to +1500 web apps for your company's workflows via a simple interface.

Some examples:

  • an e-mail with a specific label automatically creates a task in Husky
  • a completed form in Wufoo creates a task
  • a new line in a Google Sheet creates a new project
  • a new Husky notification is immediately shown in Slack (turn off your notifications via e-mail).
  • a daily report of completed tasks is drawn up
  • In the morning, you'll get a report if you've made a task about a deadline
  • a new task in Husky becomes a new task in Harvest for time tracking and invoicing
  • a Facebook post is placed on a channel as a moment
  • a moment with a specific tag is added to a calendar
  • as soon as a moment on the channel 'e-mail' gets the status 'busy', a draft campaign is created in MailChimp.
  • A published blog post on Wordpress will be put on the calendar as a 'finished' moment.
  • A new project with the webinar tag creates a webinar in GoToWebinar.

If this, then that

Zapier is structured around triggers and actions. If something happens in one app, then something has to happen in another app. That could be the same app, by the way.

Explained in a video:

Another fun fact: you pronounce 'Zapier' as 'happier', but with a 'z'. Zaps that make you happier. :-)

Because each application ensures that the integration with Zapier remains up-to-date, you can use Zapier immediately with +1500 apps to make the integration possible.

Husky and Zapier

Zapier has a free version for 100 actions per month. After that, a subscription starts at $ 20/month. How many Zaps you set, or how many steps need to be automated, determines the size of your subscription. The use of our API is free, with a fair use policy. 

Wondering how to apply the settings step by step in Zapier? Read about it in our Help Centre.

API: moving away from silos

Zapier is the first step in our API story. Of course, we also have an API available for those who want to build their integration with some programming knowledge. Zapier makes this easier to use for non-programmers.

In the future, we will introduce specific apps that are even better integrated into our programme. Soon, for example, it will be possible to use documents on your Google Drive or Dropbox in your Husky environment, or you will see your task schedule in your Outlook calendar. Even if you want to work more closely with other companies, API functionalities offer a lot of possibilities for synchronising data, and for automating recurring actions. Read more about the exchange of data between a marketing agency and customers (and vice versa).

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