Husky is no longer a puppy

Michiel Destoop
April 18, 2017
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We have been working really hard in the last few months and are now proudly announcing the new version of Husky. It has a new engine, a lot of small improvements and these important new features.

More context

Adding a short description to a task? Associating tasks to campaigns? Assigning budget to campaign dates? Discussing results? Check, check and double-check. We added a sidebar where you can do all of that.


Discuss in context. You can start a new discussion about a task, a campaign, … you name it. Every discussion is a group discussion for all project members, or you can mention specific people with @.


Notifications now appear directly in Husky. You’ll still receive an email with the most important notifications, but you can always change your settings on your personal profile.

Husky goes international

Husky has been available in English for a while but we’re now going all the way, including French and German as of today. You can now set a different language, currency and financial year for each plan. Your French colleagues can have their plans in French, and all European colleagues can work in an English plan.

Extra project members

From now on, you’ll be able to let a supplier, client or colleague work on a specific project without giving them access to the entire plan. Add them to a specific project page and they won’t be able to see your budget information or overview lists.

All these new features are available for everyone. Want more details? Go to our Help Center, consult the Change log or subscribe for our weekly online user training.


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