How to write better Facebook updates

Peter Desmyttere
November 4, 2016
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Discover why more variety is the key to success and a higher commitment.

Why more variety in your updates produces more followers and greater involvement.

Many marketing managers simply look at the number of fans to measure the success of their Facebook page. That is pointless because the Facebook algorithm reasons completely differently. Whoever writes fun, fascinating information, varies often and that way generates a lot of involvement (likes, comments or shares) is always one step ahead in Facebook. And that results in a greater outreach, which means more followers see your updates.

But what is the definition of a good Facebook update?

The answer is simple: an update that stirs the heart and mind of the reader or follower. Stirring the heart means that you evoke a certain emotion in the follower; stirring the mind means that you have struck an intellectual chord. You do the first by writing entertaining or emotionally tinted updates, the second by posting informative contributions. Only when emotion and reason are in balance can you play your full follower audience. By choosing just emotion or reason when writing your updates, you (theoretically) reach only half of your target audience.

An example? When a lingerie company only shows photo shoots of new collections, it's aiming too one-sidedly at the emotional. Posting tips and advice, checklists, 'did you knows' or links to interesting articles on its own website or on external websites will bring the emotion/reason distribution more into balance. Or what about a real estate office that is limited to just advertising new homes, with an occasional link to a new legislation. Too rational, huh? It can also extend the timeline a bit with some humorous videos about real estate, with images of interiors to make you dream, with a nice quote or a peek behind the scenes of the office?

Vary not only in emotion and reason, but simply vary

Facebook updates must therefore be interesting or fun. But the lingerie company that provides either a product shoot or a tip every day also becomes boring after a while. Interesting and fun must be used with a great deal of variety. In the previous paragraph you could read a few examples but this whitepaper goes further: it gives you a menu of the most common types of updates with which a brand or company can communicate with followers on Facebook.

This whitepaper will above all inspire by showing examples of 35 possible updates with which you can touch the hearts and minds of your followers. Anyone who applies this menu to their own brand or company presents their fans a lot more interesting Facebook page with more likes, comments and shared posts. Success guaranteed! 

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