Help! Marketing from home, is that possible?

Fien Ghyselen
April 9, 2020
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Work from home they said. Everyone does it. You need to be agile. Just adapt to this new way of working. But how do marketing teams actually do that? A lot of marketing teams still work with spreadsheets, separate task lists, designs that are approved on paper, etc. What I often hear, is that marketers don’t feel the need to digitize all of this. They are always together and prefer to talk in-person to each other.

Now, what happens if we are forced to work remotely? Marketing managers are no longer able to keep the overview on what is done, marketers get lost in their spreadsheets, designs are all over the place but don't get approved,... There is chaos.

Luckily, we are not living in the eighties anymore. We have the internet, we have lots of tools, and as a marketer, you are blessed with a creative mind. Perfect!

In this article, I will share my 5 key tips to work efficiently from home as a marketer.

Stay in touch with your colleagues.

If your marketing team is working remotely for the first time, try having a daily team meeting to start the day. It keeps everyone updated and motivated to move forward.

During the day, ask each other questions. Don't let technology hold you back from asking the questions you would ask when you are at the office. To keep your efficiency high, I recommend using only 1 tool for this marketing communication. Make agreements within the team to communicate via chat-tools, e-mail, or - in the ideal situation - via your integrated marketing planner. A chat-function in your planning tool will allow you to communicate on specific items in the planning. Efficiency: ✅

Discussions in Husky Marketing Planner

Use the right tools.

Here I would say: choose wisely. There are so many tools, and it is not easy to make up your mind. I personally recommend using a tool that leans close to your current way of working. Spreadsheets are your way of planning nowadays? Check out Husky! Husky Marketing Planner's hart is an upgraded spreadsheet. It integrates your spreadsheet with the ones of your fellow marketers which is perfect to keep the overview when you do marketing from home.

As approving designs on paper is more complicated from home, invest in an Online Proofing tool. You will have the same amount of flexibility to add notes on the document, but you don't have to print and scan them every time. Again, efficiency: ✅

Online Proofing module in Husky Marketing Planner

Dress to impress.

Of course, this tip is a bit exaggerated. My point is: dress like you would do when you are working at the office. Essentially, this tip only helps to get you in the right mindset. No, working in sweatpants and pajamas all day won't decrease your productivity. Leisure clothing just keeps you chilled so you will get tired sooner.    

Take a break.

Marketers always know what to do, but knowing when to stop is more difficult. To keep your productivity and creativity on a high level, I recommend you to take a break once in a while. A quick talk at the coffee machine, a colleague that asks a question that escalates in a talk about the children,... These typical office breaks normally keep you going during the day. As you don't have your 'disturbing' colleagues at home, you'll have to force yourself to take a break and walk around for a bit. Go outside for a few minutes, empty your mailbox, do some laundry.

Keep it fun!

My last tip: keep things fun. Gifs and inside jokes will make your day at home brighter. Send them through your general communication tool or hide them in the shared planning to enlighten your colleagues' day when they discover it.

When working remotely, I have to miss the office dog:
the perfect reason to send a quick message to the colleagues.

Good luck today!

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