Excel is stupid ... marketers deserve a better planning tool

Michiel Destoop
November 28, 2016
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Many marketers use (or misuse) Excel for everything: to-do lists, budget tracking, page distribution of publications and also for planning their projects.

Each block in such an Excel Calendar is a day, a week or a month and in this way communication calendars are prepared. Possibly, they are even printed out and stuck together to serve as a guide for a whole year for all marketing campaigns.

But Excel is stupid and doesn't know that a colored cube represents a period of time, so it's very difficult to do the following things that you would expect from a calendar:

  • zooming in and out to a daily, weekly or monthly level
  • knowing what's happening 'today' or coming your way 'next week'
  • providing more information for a block

The update that we are launching now is the next step towards making the Campaign module in Husky the ultimate tool for any marketer in any type of organization. Based on user feedback, we are working further and expanding the capabilities. While at the same time striving for simplicity and overview, not an easy balancing act. In the next update of Husky we are going another step further and making the parts of your planning even smarter by attaching tasks, notes, files and budgets to them. Be a little patient for this!


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