Excel is stupid ... as a marketing calendar

Peter Desmyttere
October 29, 2020
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Many marketers use (or abuse) Excel for everything: task lists, budget monitoring, page distribution of publications and also for planning their projects. Excel is without a doubt the global market leader for marketing planning tools. Doesn’t that sound crazy? A spreadsheet used by marketers as the tool for marketing planning?

To answer the previous question: no, that does not sound crazy. Excel may be a spreadsheet, but in no other tool is it so easy to create a marketing calendar. Each coloured block in such an Excel calendar is then a day, a week or a month and marketing and communication calendars are created in this way. They can even be printed and pasted together to serve as a guideline for all marketing campaigns for a whole year.

But Excel is stupid and doesn't know that a coloured block stands for a period, so it is very difficult to do the following things that you do expect from a calendar:

  • zooming in and out on a day, week or month level
  • know what's going on 'today' or next week
  • hang a task on a block
  • hang a file on a block
  • more interpretation or information attached to an item in the calendar
  • filtering the calendar
In a digital marketing calendar such as Husky, you combine the user-friendliness of a spreadsheet with the power of a digital tool.

Do you miss all this in your Excel marketing calendar? Then upgrade your marketing calendar from Excel to a digital marketing calendar. Tools like Husky have the same user-friendliness as Excel, but transform your 'static' Excel marketing calendar into 'dynamic' marketing planning. The planning module in Husky is therefore the ultimate tool for every marketer in every type of organisation. Based on feedback from users, we are constantly improving and expanding the possibilities of the calendar. At the same time, we strive for simplicity, overview and user-friendliness.

As a digital tool, Husky can go even further. For example, do you want an integration between your Outlook calendar and the marketing calendar in Husky? That's possible! In this way, we go a step further each time and make the planning even smarter by attaching tasks, comments, files and budgets.

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