Event prepping: 9 steps towards exhibitor success

Charlotte Thiry
March 15, 2017
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Planning to exhibit at industry events or conferences this year? Here’s your plan for exhibitor success!

Industry events and trade shows have huge potential for both marketing and sales. But how do you get the most of your investment? It's all about planning, planning, planning!

Use these 9 steps as a recipe for event success.

1. Set goals for your conference participation

Why are you participating in this conference? Are you aiming for lead generation, sales closing or mere brand awareness? Set clear, measurable goals and write them down. Compare your results to these targets to evaluate your investment after the event.

2. Be a speaker at the event

speak at event

Share your expertise on a particular topic at the event or trade show. Exhibiting with a booth is great, but speaking will give your presence an incredible boost. Keep in mind that your audience is attending the event to learn something, so don’t go and sell your product. There will be plenty of time for that after your speaking slot.

3. Promote the conference & let it promote you

Promote the conference on social media, tell your community and clients about your participation with a blogpost and invite them at your booth via email. Use the event website and other channels to promote your brand. Make sure your name, logo and company description are rendered correctly and – nice little extra for the SEO savvy marketer – get a backlink to your website.

4. Find out who is attending

Get your hands on a list of attendees, exhibitors and speakers before the conference and set up meetings with interesting prospects, existing customers and companies you would like to set up a partnership with.

5. Give memorable swag

events husky branded swag

Marketing goodies, freebies, swag, giveaways, what’s in a name? Well, a lot. Giveaways are a great conversation starter for every event exhibitor, but only useful and wanted items will make people remember your brand long after the event.

6. Double-check your business cards...

Pretty basic, yet so important: check and re-check your business cards. Order a new batch if the company moved, you have a new email address or phone number, etc. Remember to pack enough business cards when you leave for the event.

7. … and your product documentation

Showcasing your product with high quality folders, flyers and presentations will give your product the credibility it deserves. Double-check all your documentation, stick to your style guide, colors and fonts and have a designer help you out.

8. Practise your elevator pitch

As a marketer you might not be a natural born salesperson – and that's totally okay. Work on a strong elevator pitch beforehand and practise until it’s flawless. Be prepared for typical conference distractions like music, loud neighbours, time pressure and interlocutors who don’t speak your language.

9. Use an conference packing checklist

Time to pack? Don’t take any chances: set up a standard checklist for events and stick to it!

Download your conference packing checklist.

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