Does a Marketing Planning Tool help you to obtain an ISO certificate?

Peter Desmyttere
September 23, 2020
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Companies that go for an ISO certificate often need the support of the marketing department. Marketing is usually involved in achieving ISO-9001 (for quality) and ISO14001 (for the environment). In these cases, the company is thoroughly audited on 4 critical processes in the company: sales, marketing, production and logistics. For the marketing department, obtaining an ISO standard is a significant stress test. After all, the ISO auditors then look for processes within the marketing team. They look for evidence that the marketing team is so well organised that it is not dependent on one or more people, but that it relies entirely on well-founded processes that ensure that the team continues to run professionally when strategic team members are absent, sick, fired or left. The use of martech tools, such as Husky, is a terrible bonus in ISO processes. In this article, I explain why on the basis of a concrete case.

The Belgian Orakel is a world player in the field of event material. The arrival of a new marketing manager a few years ago made the professionalisation of marketing at Orakel a top priority. They wrote out the basis for their processes in a detailed marketing plan. "This has largely set out the outlines for the current exponential growth," she said during a visit by Peter Desmyttere (CEO Husky Marketing Planner). "But we wanted to go even further operationally, because a written marketing plan does not bring results if it is not followed by qualitative implementation and if it is not based on well-founded processes that are clear within the team.

After a market survey, Orakel chose Husky as a digital tool to streamline the marketing organisation. "Project and task management is now faster and more efficient than it used to be," the marketeers testify. "We now have one central organisation tool that guides and motivates the daily marketing work. Communication between colleagues is increasingly taking place from Husky, which saves us dozens of emails a week". 

This new step in the professionalisation process came in particularly handy when we were awarded ISO certification (9001 for quality and 14001 for the environment). "We were thoroughly audited on 4 critical processes in the company: sales, marketing, production and logistics. For marketing, it was an absolute advantage that our processes were centralised in Husky," says Sofie Hermans, the marketing manager. "After all, we would certainly have had to get rid of the jumble of Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents in our marketing organisation, which were then dispersed in very different places. Husky saved us a lot of work during this audit period". 

"We are on the right track, but it is still important to invest further in the performance of our marketing organisation", says Sofie Hermans. "The strong growth, the start-up of new offices and the support of our existing offices requires professional marketing. Because Husky is multilingual, the tool will be used to improve local marketing in the various countries. This will improve our international marketing processes".

Marketing planning with Husky

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