Video: die Keure found a tool that grasps the complexity of marketing

Charlotte Thiry
February 28, 2017
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For die Keure’s marketing team, Husky brought great structure, efficient marketing meetings and, most importantly, a tool that understands exactly what marketing is all about.

Die Keure is a publishing house based in Bruges, Belgium. The company produces world-class printing and is a leader in the Belgian publishing industry.

maaike de porre marketing manager die keureMarketing Manager Maaike De Porre and her team of 8 marketers manage a lot of different projects each with their own audience. The team used to rely on Excel to manage their marketing tasks and campaigns, which had become increasingly challenging. Husky came as a huge relief for the team because it brought perfect structure into their work. 

Marketing meetings also became a lot more efficient with Husky: no need to write reports anymore and everyone knows exactly what to do next after a meeting. Husky's focus on marketing is a big plus for Maaike. "Unlike generic marketing tools, Husky grasps and supports the complexity of marketing and communication. It knows exactly what marketing is about."

Watch the interview with Maaike, our very first video testimonial!

Marketing planning with Husky

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