Design your results dashboard for next year

Peter Desmyttere
October 19, 2016
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Every marketing manager should achieve one or more objectives. But when you ask them what goals they are striving for, the answer often remains vague. And when you ask which tool or document the results are collected in, they generally keep quiet.

There is however no excuse. Marketing in the year 2016 has became horribly measurable thanks to digital parameters and measuring instruments. Measuring is - more than ever - knowing. So, around this time start the inventory of all the marketing figures that you would like to see every month in 2017 in one convenient dashboard.

Think of turnover figures per customer group, website statistics, Facebook engagement, visitors at events or the number of leads through certain channels. Don't overdo it in the beginning because you will have exercise a monthly discipline.

Then put these KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in an Excel table, in a (Business Intelligence) application or the 'Results' module of our marketing tool, Husky. Because: only what can be measured really exists.

Take control of your marketing results with Husky

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