How well does your customer experience score?

Peter Desmyttere
March 28, 2017
⏱ 1 min. read

Customer experience is a huge part of marketing and there’s no doubt it will become even bigger in the future. But how do these buzzwords ‘customer experience’ and ‘customer centric’ translate to your marketing organization and beyond? It’s a challenge many marketers are facing.

That’s why we created a simple, yet very handy template to help you map and score your customer journey in no time. Every strategic brainstorm or optimization of your customer experience should start with a customer experience scoreboard.

customer experience score

Use it to draw the story of how you communicate with your customers: from the very first contact, through purchase and after sales. Map each customer touchpoint, especially those that have a direct influence on your customer’s experience. Depending on your industry and business type, the touch points of your customer journey could be the following:

  • first phone call or email
  • meeting confirmation
  • showroom visit
  • sending a quote
  • signing agreement
  • delivery
  • dealing with complaints
  • after-sales service

Tip: start mapping your primary touch points, zoom in on those and take note of how they can be improved, then move on to secondary touch points.

Clearly describe every contact point in the template and assign a score to each point:

  • Green: we’re doing great in terms of customer experience
  • Orange: we’re doing okay-ish in terms of customer experience
  • Red: we’re not doing okay in terms of customer experience

Add descriptions, comments and don’t forget to define measurable action points. This will all result in a practical work document that you can use as a starting point to improve your customer’s experience.

Download your customer journey scorecard template here. Good luck!


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