What’s the cost of marketing planning software?

Michiel Destoop
December 18, 2018
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Great question! Do not only consider the cost of the software but also the time it takes you to change the way you work.

Software license

Almost all modern software work by subscription. You pay for the right to use software for a certain period of time.

Different pricing models

  • Price per user
  • Price according to the size of the marketing team
  • Price according to the number of marketing plans or projects
  • Price according to functionality
  • Price per server

Price per user

This is by far the easiest way to do the maths. How many users do I have? How much does it cost per user? Multiply one by the other and you have the cost of using the tool. Small teams pay little, large teams pay more in absolute terms, but not per employee. This allows you to use professional software with many functions even in small teams. Large companies contribute to the further development of the software.

Sometimes you don't have to pay for users with limited rights, for example with read-only or comment-only rights. This is often a way to get more people to have a taste of the software.

Price according to the size of the marketing team

Here you do not pay per user, but according to scales. For example, if you start solo, you can have a subscription for 5 users, for 10, 100 or 1000 users. Very large teams will pay less in proportion.
If you have just 11 users, you will have to switch to a more expensive subscription which does not always feel fair.

Price according to the number of marketing plans or projects

The reasoning behind this pricing model is that anyone who uses the tool more intensively should pay more. The disadvantage of this is that as a user you will adapt your way of working to avoiding the limits.

Price according to functionality

Whoever wants to use advanced functions has to pay more. Again, many will try to postpone what they consider necessary in order not to have to pay the extra fee.

Price per server

This is where you will install the software yourself on your own infrastructure. You are responsible for the software to run sufficiently well. You are also responsible for installing updates for bug fixes and new features.
This may be a one-time fee, but then you will only be able to perform bug fixes, or it is a subscription that includes the new features and optimisations.

In terms of licensing systems, there are numerous possibilities, because, besides the above-mentioned price models, combinations are also possible.

My advice: go for simple, with a limited engagement in the future. Check the cost immediately for a whole year.

Free doesn't exist

Even a free tool has a cost. Furthermore, you have to ask yourself how that free model will hold up. Usually, they will try to convince you to a paid version, because you miss certain functionalities or experience a limitation at some point.

So, before you start with a free version, you also need to know how much it might cost you. Free then turns out not to be cheap at all times…

Husky’s subscription plans

At Husky, we have also experimented with pricing over the years. At first, we worked per plan and then per team size. The model we now use, in which there is one user per month, appears to be the most scalable. We only charge users with editing rights. If you only need access to a few projects, you can do this as a free user.

On our pricing page, you will find the current subscription fees.

Marketing Planning with Husky

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