Copying projects and using templates

Michiel Destoop
May 31, 2017
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This article deals with functionality that might have evolved meanwhile. Check the Help Center for an actual overview, or request an online demo.

Do you organize events and webinars on a regular basis? Are you dealing with recurring publications? Do you want to standardize your product launches? We’ve got some great news for you!

The new update of today allows you to copy projects. Gain time by copying everything that has to do with your marketing project at once. Or create project templates for even more efficiency.

How do you copy a project?

Really easy, but that's what you probably expected.

  • Retrieve in the project list of a plan the project you would like to copy and click on the 3 vertical dots. Next to archiving and deleting a project, you also have the possibility to copy a project. Choose this option.
  • Give your copied project an appropriate name and perhaps change the plan and/or project group.
  • After confirmation all tasks, campaigns, costs, KPIs and notes will be copied. If necessary, (project) members are added immediately to the copied project, or another plan they didn't have access to.
  • Good to know: what won't be copied are the dates, statuses, invoices, discussions and files.


How can you create or use templates?

Because you can copy projects, you can also create exemplary projects that you want to use as a template. Either you add them to your plan, perhaps in a separate project group. Or you can add project templates to a separate plan ("Templates") because you can copy from one plan to another.

You don't need to worry about deadlines of tasks and campaign dates because they don't get copied along. Drag your tasks, campaigns and KPI's in the right order, so you can keep that order in the copied project.

In these projects, you can also add assignees for different items, but that means that they should also have access to your Templates-plan or Template-project, and perhaps that's something you don't want. But also after copying you can add assignees.

In Notes you can create your desired information for your project, so you only need to fill out the rest. For a printed publication that could be Number of copies, Points of attention for the distribution, the regular sections in your publication … Or an ideal brief for your copywriter, graphic designer or web developer. The only thing you need to do is complete it with details. Less thinking!

As soon as you've created a project template, you can easily copy that project to the desired plan.

Our Help Center has been adjusted with information about these new functionalities.

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