Inspiring calendars for your content marketing

Peter Desmyttere
June 19, 2023
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When determining your content planning, you will want to take into account what is going on among your target groups: the ‘top topicals’. Nice idea, but where do you start?

Content CalendarTackling the latest events and planning content seems to be a contradiction, but that is not necessary. After all, many 'events' can be predicted. They occur every year (such as holidays) or are known well in advance (such as the start of the Olympics).

Wouldn't it be nice if someone could draw up a list of some inspiring calendars? Aha!

Inspirational list for your content calendar

Ultimate Social Media Calendar by Hubspot
Hubspot has been updating this list of holidays for several years now, both worldwide and in the USA (the "national holidays", as if there's only one country in the world...).

National Day Calendar
A website that shows for every day what's happening. Again, America is the centre of the world. Please note: sometimes a holiday in another region may be on a different day. A typical example is Mother's Day. Additional warning to this site: it is difficult not to click on the ads...

Bizarre, silly, crazy, goofy and dumb daily calendar by Brownielocks and the 3 Bears
In case you forgot what the internet looked like 20 years ago, you should take a look at this website. The content is still up to date, though!

Wikipedia will also certainly be a useful source for your content calendar. Use this page to find what happened on a certain day.
Wikipedia also offers overviews of all holidays per country, special days and 'the week of X'. Tons of inspiration!

Planning content is dynamic

Drawing up your content calendar, months in advance does not necessarily mean that those subjects are carved in stone. In any case, it provides a foundation, and allows you to prepare and publish your content in a structured way.

If a little bird whispers a better idea into your ear, or if an event leads to a nice angle to bring your product or service to the attention, you have to adjust the original planning. But if inspiration is lacking, you can always fall back on your original plan, which is built around top topicals.

Tailoring content to your target groups

It is important to think carefully about your target groups. Drawing up personas is always a good idea. By empathising with the world of your model customers, by questioning them or even involving them in your planning and creation process, you discover what keeps them awake or makes them happy. 

Also look at your commercial heydays. In retail, there are a number of peak moments that you want to work towards with your content plan so that all communication helps to make it a commercial success.

Create a list per target group (and take the region into account):

  •     Official holidays
  •     Holiday periods
  •     Major events (sport, culture, economy)

If you're doing this for the first time, feel free to peek at the Facebook page of a company from your sector to find out what they covered in a year. 

The challenge will be to not only create your content calendar, but also to share it with your colleagues and content partners, and to execute it. A digital marketing planner like Husky can certainly help you with that. 

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