New in communication: weekly calendar, channels and moments

Michiel Destoop
April 2, 2018
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This article deals with functionality that might have evolved meanwhile. Check the Help Center for an actual overview, or request an online demo.

Planning, executing and following-up on communication has never been easier thanks to the new weekly calendar.

Communication planning

As of today, the section with the communication planning is no longer called "Campaigns", but instead, it goes by the name "Communication". Sound logical, and that's what we wanted to achieve...

Why change the name? In conversations with marketers that have been using Husky for a while and those that are taking it into consideration, we've noticed that their "marketing campaigns" were, in fact, our "Projects" and what they were putting into our "Campaigns" were in fact communication channels.

CampaignsCommunicationNavigation in the left column and on top of each project
CampaignsChannelsHorizontal rows in Communication
Campaign datesMomentsColored bars and blocks in Communication
Channels and moments: new names in the Communication calendar

By changing the names we've also made the difference between Communication and Tasks more clearer.

  • Tasks: what needs to be done?
  • Communication: when and how do you communicate?

To make that planned communication a reality, you need to complete tasks. That's why you can add tasks related to Channels and Moments. They also end up in your tasks list of the project.

Weekly calendar

Before, you could already see your communication in a stretch of 4 weeks and for an entire year, but now that has been complemented by the week overview. We know you're going to love it. It will help you in the day-to-day execution and follow-up of the marketing communication.

On the weekly calendar, you see which communication moments are planned for the week. The status colors will tell you in which phase the execution of the communication is. Do you want to know more about the Moment, or change the dates, then you click on the title and the sidebar appears. 

Weekly calendar with a view on all moments and tasks, within one project

Viewable on every Moment:

  • tags (hidden by default, changeable in the Filters in the upper right corner)
  • the notion of some text in the description
  • related tasks
  • related discussions
  • related files 

The weekly calendar is available in the section Communication of a project, of the entire plan and across plans. When multiple projects are displayed, the moments are grouped per project. 

And of course, you can filter the communication planning so you only see your communication moments, with a specified status and/or tag, and/or within a specified project group.

Quick demo of the working of the week calendar.

Improvements to the interface

  • Quickly switch between week, 4 weeks and year calendar (next to the Filters in the upper right corner).
  • Quickly navigate to another date in the past or the future by clicking on the week title in the week and 4 weeks calendar.
  • In the 4 weeks and year calendar: easier to add a new moment (next to '+ Add channel)
  • In the week calendar: add a new moment on the right day by clicking on the date.
  • Show all tasks, only your tasks or hide all tasks. In the 4 weeks and year calendar, those are the green dots, on the weekly calendar those tasks are below the colored blocks

Marketing planning with Husky

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